Adventures in the Color Field

Dear Fellow Color Lovers,

It is my pleasure to launch this blog as part of the 21st Century Color Evolution. I am an artist (trained as a painter) specializing in color, with a passion for modern design and the creative practice.

I believe that Art is fundamental to our quality of life. Art with a Capital A (music, dance, literature, poetry, design, studio arts, graphic arts, architecture, interior design, fashion, film, culinary, and all creative technologies). Art moves us, communicates ideas, provides aesthetic beauty, and transform lives with its expressive power.


Art does not operate alone. Since the first handprint marked the cave wall, Art has been a foundational pillar in every culture, along with Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. But in the current climate of STEM Education, we forgot all about the Arts. No one wants to live in a world without Art! STEAM power makes the STEM flower. What good is a STEM without its bloom? Let’s transform STEM into the STEAM Supermodel - to harness all available resources and build a sustainable world that we want to live in. All hands on deck.


In my practice, I embrace color as a vital communication tool essential for Visual Literacy. Currently, I'm teaching and writing The New Color, a 21st Century Field Guide to explore the dense networks of color codes coursing through our everyday lives. The New Color offers Color Cometency Skills not just for artists, designers, and entrepeneurs, but for curious minds from all walks of life.


I have an MFA from Tufts University and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. I am a lecturer at the University of Texas at Austin in the College of Fine Arts and the School of Architecture, where I have  taught Living Color, Advanced Color: Strategies & Solutions, the Art & Art History Core Color Modules, and Core Design Foundations. I have given color lectures, workshops, and classes at many locations including UT Austin, Wellesley College, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and the Contemporary Austin.

My paintings, collages, and paper cutouts are in numerous public and private collections including the Blanton Museum of Art, Austin, TX; Art Museum of South Texas, Corpus Christi; El Paso Museum of Art; San Antonio Museum of Art; Moakley Cancer Center, Boston MA; and the Neiman Marcus Signature Store in Boston. Currently I am developing the Hero’s Journey Capsule Collection as a Pop-Up Gallery concept with the goal to make Art for Daily Life.

Meet you in the Color Field!

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